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Firewall ports for openfire

Hi, I would like to enable iptables on the Centos 6 running openfire.
openfire version: Openfire 4.0.4

On the server information:

5222 Client to Server

5223 Client to Server

7070 HTTP Binding

7443 HTTP Binding

5269 Server to Server

5275 External Components

5276 External Components

5262 Connection Manager

5263 Connection Manager

9090 Admin Console

9091 Admin Console

5229 Flash Cross Domain

I’ve added these ports to the firewall settings, however after I’ve enabled the ports. No spark clients can connect to the server and I can’t even get to server_ip:9090 via web browser.

Am I missing something?

Try disabling iptables (and Selinux if it is on) and test then. To make sure this is a firewall issue actually. You can also try netstat or similar command on CentOS to see if it actually listening on any of these ports.