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First message is always blank

Since upgrading to 2.8.2, we have the issue where the first message received from a person is blank…you have to have them resend their message so you can see it.

I upgraded just now to 2.8.3 in hopes that the problem was fixed, but alas, it wasn’t.

Running OpenFire 4.1.1, if it matters

This issue has popped up a few times and may be caused by files not being deleted or overwritten during the upgrade processes.

Please do the following

first try deleting the spark profile located folder %appdata%\Spark (this will delete your history and settings so you may want to back this up). launch spark. Did this resolve the issue?

If that doesn’t work - try going to add remove programs and uninstall spark. Then go to the spark installation folder. Are there any left over files? If so, please make note and report them. Afterwards, delete the install folder and the spark folder in %appdata% again. Reinstall spark. Did this work?

I had to go the full uninstall route.

SPeedy. That worked.