First Message not received?

one user is having difficulties not getting his messages properly sent. i checked the logs for one particular incident and as i could see it was correctly sent, the server archived it correctly but on the receiver site it was never seen nor written to the log. the following buzz and ongoing conversation was fine. how is this possible? there was no big pause between the first message and the buzz. somehow the spark behaviour with displaying messages when previously crashed or reconnected is very tricky and many users have complained they did not get messages through… I have always the problem when not shutting down spark properly and just put my machine in standby…the next morning it reconnects but often it just freezes in that mode and i am not able to open any new message window and the bigger problem is that messages that have been received on my station do not pop up and after a restart of spark the are not even in the chat history. not to mention that i do not know who has written…as admin i look in the server-archive…but this is a really big problem.


it happened to me to. I solved it updating Java Client version on the computer that had problems to receive messages. Hope that works for you!

good hint, but i don’t think this helps in this case. The User told me that it must be related to the buzz-function. He told me now that he first buzz the other party and then writes the message and that message often do not come through. Maybe it is related to the buzz. I told him to first write the message and then buzz…maybe it helps. I’ll try to reproduce the problem and check the java-version.