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First Outage in 298 days!

Hi All,

We are running 3.7.1 on windows 2008 r2 server. Our service has been running for 298 days until this morning where it unexpectantly crashed. We service on average 500 users. Server uptime is 312 days and it did not go down, just the openfile service.

Anyways, when trying to view the debug.log file, it is blank, there is no way to determine the cause of the crash. I was forced to restart the server asap after I was notified of the outage since it is relied on heavily in our environment.

Any pointers on what logs to review to determine the cause?



debug.log would not have any entries unless debugging was enabled. What about the other log files? They may have had something.


Does the Windows JVM log stdout somewhere? Usually if the JVM craps out it’ll log something there.