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First time setup of OpenFire 3.3.2

Hi; I have installed OpenFire 3.3.2 in the following configuration.

  • First time install

  • Windows 2000 with JRE 1.6.0_02

  • OpenFire 3.3.2

  • Using internal database

  • using LDAP (Active Directory) for user base.

My question is related to the setup. I was “disconnected” and not all of my answers were taken during the initial setup. Now I have 2 symptoms related to the same problem.

  1. After I login to Spark, all of the “Friends” I add get added with the username ______@

  2. On the “server settings page”, the “server name” is listed as

I would like the server to be known to the world as “jabber.metalexchangecorp.com

What should I change in the config file? Also, where is the config file on a Windows server?

http://Please be specific as I have not used OpenFire much yet.

Thanks for any and all help!

Never mind…

I uninstalled, then ran the setup again, so I am OK.