Fixed LDAP referral where can I send source?

I believe that I have fixed a bug where referrals are not being respected by the checkAuthentication method. Who should I send the source to?


you may sent it to a developer like Matt or Gato . They’'ll need some time to test your code before check-in, so please be patient after sending it.


Thank you

Is there an average time I should expect to wait?


you may send a PM or better an IM to the one you did send the code. Today was the Wednesday chat, even there you could ask.

Depending on how complex your change is it may be some hours or a month, the change I did send Gato some weeks ago may take even longer as it is complex.



Send me the fix by email and I’‘ll do my best to get it integrated within an hour or two (assuming it’'s not a very complex change).

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