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Flashing plugin doesn't compile with source code

Firstly, I just want to thank the entire community for all the hard work you’ve all done and documented that’s gotten me as far as I have with my project.

I was able to disable autologin, storing passwords, advanced settings, and compile the client on my own thanks to all the wonderful how-to’s and troubleshooting posts.

Unfortunately, the one thing that I have not been able to do is the one thing my users are screaming for.

Taskbar flashing. The flashing taskbar plugin does not seem to compile even if I go back to vanilla code and compile from that.

I can manually copy the flashing.jar into the plugins directory at %spark install%\plugins but it still doesnt appear as a configurable option or available plugin.

If I put the flashing.jar into %appdata%\roaming\spark\plugins it DOES work, but that would mean I would have to have some way of the file to copy into that folder for every user across 500 workstations.

Obvioulsy, the solution I’m looking for is for the flashing plugin to compile and install appropriately with my custom build.

Any help is definitely welcome.


Hello, did you find an answer for this?

it works fine for me. just CD into the flashing plugin’s directory, then cd into it’s build directory and run:

~]# ant jar

if you look at the build.xml file, you will notice the “jar” target is the default target for the ant build script.

That should compile it all into a jar, and I believe it copies itself into the proper spark directory. next, build spark using it’s Ant Build script, and it will automatically package that plugin with the build (from the src/commercial directory i think off the top of my head)