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Flow requests in Fastpath

Hello all.

I have been running Openfire 3.7.0 with the fastpath service only for desktop clients (just Spark) and I’m experiencing issues with requests flow in Fastpath.

The trouble is in the allocation of chats rooms, in some cases, chat rooms are being assigned to Spark clients who already have several assigned chat rooms while in the same group there are Spark customers without any assigned chat room.

Any ideas what could happend with fastpath or how can i get it to allocate chat rooms in a balanced way.


There doesn’t seem to be a setting to forward new requests to free agents. So you can only try to mitigate that by setting appropriate limits for maximum chats (lower limit, say 2 or 3) and instruct your agents to not Accept new request or even reject it, if they already have a few going on. So that way it would be redirected to another agent, which is hopefully more available.