Focus user

Hi, I needed to do a fresh install on a new server and have run into a issue.

My Focus User goes offline almost as soon as I start OpenFire. In addition, I get no created rooms under the meetings tab.

I’m using OpenFire 3.10.0 Alpha and 0.5 of the meetings plugin.

Am I correct in my understanding that the Focus User is the bridge between parties in the room?

Has anyone a clue on how I may resolve this issue?

As always thanks in advance!


And also, how is the focus user password created - is it generated randomly? Otherwise, anyone gathering the default focus user password can access as an unauthorised user…

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focus used to be the first user who starts conference and is now a server-side implementation. This user must be on the MUC administrators list and is by default “focus” with a default random generated password. The plugin does does this automatically unless your user provider is read only (ie ldap).

The username and password are behind JiveGlobals. Look at for details.

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Trying to trouble shoot this out and noticed ports 5222 and 5223 aren’t looking right. Does this look right?



That looks like the ipv6 bind addresses for port 5222 and 5223. Looks ok to me. Just test with any standard XMPP client like Spark or Jitsi. If you can log in, then the focus user should as well, cos they are all using the smack library.

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Thanks for the look Dele, the weird thing about the new setup is that using the Alpha 3.10. build and Ofmeet 0.5 I have no video even on lan and Spark clients on wan don’t work. It’s like 5222 gets broken and so does the Focus user.

As a test I removed everything and installed 3.9.3 and the old Jitsi plugin and everything works on lan / wan just fine. Spark, Jitsi, JitsiBridge and file transfer.

I appreciate your responses as always sir and it must just be some weird config issue I have.

I’ll mark this as correct answer and resolved.