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Followed SSL Guide - now openfire is back to setup


I followed the SSL guide and used the self-signing certificate method. I am using Ubuntu 8.10 (non-server) for the server. I changed the hostname in /etc/hostname from spark to spark.arise.com and rebooted. The server was still working fine. I then started the process of step 2 from here (http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/ssl-guid e.html). After that was done, I started configuring openfire (bottom page) and imported the following:

  • xmpp.socket.ssl.port – the port to use for SSL (default is 5223 for XMPP)
  • xmpp.socket.ssl.storeType – the store type used (“JKS” is the Sun Java Keystore format used by the JDK keytool). If this property is not defined, Openfire will assume a value of “jks”.
  • xmpp.socket.ssl.keystore – the location of the keystore file relative to your Openfire installation root directory. You can leave this property blank to use the default keystore.
  • xmpp.socket.ssl.keypass – the keystore/key password you changed in step 2.

I left storetype and keystore blank. I added keypass with the password that i created. I then tried to restart openfire by doing: sudo /etc/init.d/openfire restart and never came back up. I then did a stop and start and didnt work. After that, I just rebooted the server hoping it would start up like normal. I wasn’t able to connect, so i went to the web admin page and it was back to the setup page. i thought aww crap, i gotta redo it again, so i did. And it said all was good, and it should be running. I re-opened the site and went back to the setup page, now when i go to choose the database section i get the following error after choosing Embedded database (same as before):

The Openfire database schema does not appear to be installed. Follow the installation guide to fix this error.

Please help!


i’ve edited openfire.xml and changed the setup tag from true to false, saved file and restarted openfire. still going to the setup page as a new setup.

i’ve updgraded from 3.6.2 to 3.6.3 and that resolved the issue of going back to setup and being able to use the service again. however, the SSL certificates are screwed up now. each time i stop the service or restart the server, i have to recreate the SSL certs and then restart the HTTP service again.