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FOR GATO. Need help?

Hi Gato,

i’'m writing this topic with a specic intention.

I’'m working on my master thesis with Smack for create

an XMPP based conference application.

It can be a great experience ( for my thesis ) if i can help you in developping a specific part of Smack.

Can i be useful for something about JEP-0045?


Ciao Donato,

First off I want to thank you for your offered help. JEP45 implementation is almost finished. However, it’'d be great if you can ensure that it is correctly working by testing it and also by reviewing the source code. Any comment, suggestion or enhancement is very welcome.


– Gato

Hi, Gato

no problem, i will test your code ( if you finish your new realese, specific about role and affiliation…, i need them…).

When you finish, post me a message please.

About new project…what about working on file transfer over Smack? It’'s a very important feature that Smack need.



If you were willing to take on implementing file transfer in Smack, that would be a great project and very useful to the larger Smack community. What I’'d recommend as a process:

  • Review JEP’‘s on jabber.org and then make a recommendation on which JEP(s) Smack should support for file transfer. I’'d love to see IBB supported personally.

  • Create a proposed API and share it on the forums for feedback from the community.

  • Do implementation of API, post it on forums so that others can help with testing.

  • Create docs, test cases, etc so that the module can be officially incorporated into Smack.