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For those who were having trouble with contacts vanishing in Spark

Try out Spark 2.5.6. =) Derek found the issue and fixed it.

2.5.6 doesnt help. General group doesnt appear after first startup. Btw, online ICQ contacts are now shown in Offline group, so they are gathered somewhere.

I’m not sure if the online groups showing in offline issue was addressed or not. In theory the issue that was addressed is groups and their members disappearing altogether. =) You heard anything more about the online in offline issue?

Hm… So maybe this is not my issue after all.

Yeah I could never tell if they were the same. I’m hoping someone who’s had “the other issue” will test and find out. 'cause either one of the two issues is fixed or neither is fixed. It’s certainly useful to know that yours isn’t fixed though. It’s still bizarre to me that this doesn’t occur with the OS X version. (or at least not that I’ve seen yet)

Behaviour for me with 2.5.6 seems unchanged; an MSN only group still fails to appear on login (though logging out and in again straight away fixes that).

Are you using the Windows version? I’m seeing a lot of complaints that the Windows Spark 2.5.6 version didn’t install correctly. That said, that sucks if it didn’t fix the issue. =(

Yes, but having said that, you don’t see it in the Mac version so it could be just affecting Windows.

I installed the client on 2 different machines (one an upgrade the other a fresh install) and saw the same issue so I don’t think it’s a bad download.

Both show 2.5.6 as the client version.

I’ll give it a go on the Linux client tomorrow if you think it’ll help…

hmm. I saw the code piece that made the group disappear, and fixed it. I’m a little unsure why this would only occur on initial login. That seems looney. Anyhow, I’ve filed SPARK-838 to see what the heck could be going on.



Thanks Derek. Just to clarify, the behaviour is:

  1. I launch Spark 2.5.6 and login

  2. After MSN login, I only see some MSN contacts (in ‘other contacts’ group which is a mixed group with XMPP users too)

  3. I quit the application, relaunch and login

  4. I now see additional an additional MSN group (called CSR MSN) with contacts in it.

In the debug log of the client I see received both times for several contacts. That group is not displayed on the first attempt, despite the fact that my client is configured to show empty groups.

I struggle to see what launching the application twice changes, perhaps the timing of the events?

All my gateway contacts are now appearing correctly at login (I don’t have MSN contacts). They also no longer disappear when a new gateway contact is added.