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Force launch with accept all certificates/hostname verification enabled?

I’d like to install spark on some terminal servers which users connect to via citrix xenapp. This will run all internally/LAN with the self-signed certificate which (i believe) means in order to log in to spark, the settings must be enabled upon first login to “Accept all certificates” and “Disable certificate hostname verification”. I’d like to possibly circumvent having to tell all users to disable this at login the first time they establish a new terminal session on one of the servers in the farm. Is there a command line argument I can tack on to the end to launch with these settings enabled? Thanks~!

You can change these by editing the config file found at, at least on a Windows machine:
The file you are looking for is: Spark.properties

Find the Variables:

Those should be the ones you are looking for.

Then you should be able to push that file out to anywhere you need it to be.


Disable certificate hostname verification is only required if domain name in the certificate doesn’t match the domain name the user logs in.

odohvare already suggested where you can find it in the config. There is no launch parameters to do that.

Or maybe you can just disable the encryption :slight_smile: