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Force message to be replicated to all instances?


If Im logged in to openfire with jabber from multiple locations (multiple sessions/instances), a received message seem to land only on one client.

Is it possible to force the message to be replicated to all instances? So if Im logged in from work, mobile and home, the message will appear at all three clients. Also, I would want any messages typed by the user, to be replicated to the other instances, so if I type something at home, same message will appear at work and mobile.

You can add a system property “route.all-resources” and set it to True. Then messages sent to a bare JID (user@server) will be routed to all resources with the highest priority. This means that a resource with lower priority still won’t get a message. Also if messages were send to a specific resource (user@server/work), only this resource will get a message no matter the policy. Usually a client sends a message with a resource value in his JID and most clients reply to direct JID, not a bare JID. So in many cases this won’t work as desired.

Second part is not possible.