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Force server memory refresh without restarting the server

I am directly acessing the wildfire database (Yes, I know I should not be doing this!) and I was wondering if there is any way to refresh the servers memory, so it picks up on any of the changes I made to the database. For example, I am manually adding users to the mucAffliliation table, and Wildfire won’'t pick up any of the changes. Am I just shit out of luck on this one?



Hi Dan,

I did never try the /system-cache.jsp page of the web console but the “Clear Selected” button makes me think that the cache can be cleared so Wifi must re-read the contents of a table. There seems to be no “mucAffliliation” cache, I assume that it is included in “User” or “User Group Cache”.



Where is this “Clear Selected” button that you talk about?

Thanks for the response.



See the attached screenshot.


cache.png (68630 Bytes)

this picture says more than 1000 words (:

Ah I see, I just needed to update my wildfire install to 2.6.2.

Is there any way to tell the server to clear it’'s cache every so often, maybe every 5 minutes or so?

Maybe, I can just call this url below and it will do the trick.


I think this will only work though if I am logged into the admin console. Any thoughts?



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Hi Dan,

By refreshing the cache every 5 minutes you might hurt any performance improvement that you typically get by using a cache. But, if your Wildfire installation doesn’'t have to handle a very high load that may be a non-issue for you. There are a couple of different approaches you could take:

  1. Disable the cache all together. This can be done by creating a new system property named, cache.userGroup.size and setting its value to 0 (zero).

  2. Write a plugin that periodically and/or on demand refreshes the cache (you can configue plugins to bypass logging into the Admin Console).

If you need any additional details let me know.




Thanks for the response. Do I need the latest version of WildFire (2.6.2) to access the cache.userGroup.size property? Can I get a list of the properties that deal with cache? I am mostly interested in the cache that deals with the mucAffiliation table and mucMember table.

I am well aware that I should not be accessing the database directly, but I have a project that is pretty much a hack job so far and I only plan on going this route for a little longer, tell I get more time to find some jabber framework api that will suite my needs.

Thanks for the help.



http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=119016 does contain some more information, all Wifi versions should support these properties.


Thanks for finding that link.

Thanks guys for all the help. I appreciate it greatly.

I am still having problems as Wildfire is still not picking up my changes to the database. For the system properties I have defined the following:

System Properties[/b]






For each of the property values I set the expirationTime to 1 min (60000).

But the admin console is still not picking up the changes to the database, without a restart to the server.

I am using Wildfire 2.5.1