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Force users into particular Rooms?

Currently users must bring up the main Spark window then click “Conferences” tab at bottom, then select “Confernces” then “Join Selected Room.”

But most users either can’‘t remember those steps or just won’'t do it.

I’‘d like to have them auto-logged into Spark and auto-join particular chat rooms i’'ve setup organisationally.

Is there some way of doing that?


this is possible, please see http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=108091 for more details.

“Spark.exe” "username=user&password=pwd&server=jabber



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thanks, but I’'m getting:

‘‘password’’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

‘‘server’’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

According to that link the original poster said he got it to work in a Shorcut (using switches?) and in the registry.

I’'d be interested in finding out how.

My typo, this one will work as “Target:” in a shortcut/link to Spark:

“C:\Program Files\Spark\Spark.exe” “username=test&password=test&server=jabber.org

Thanks for replying it2000

I think it’'s nearly there now.

The auto logging in is working fine however they immediately get prompted to specify their Nickname to Join Confernece Room.

After clicking “Join” nothing happens.

Still have to click the Conferences tab at the bottom, select a conference then select a room and click Join Selected Room.

I’'d really like that to be entirely automated.

This is what my shortcut looks like atm:

“C:\Program Files\Spark\Spark.exe”

“username=testuser&password=test&server= XYZ&start_chat_jid=testuser@XYZ”


I just tried it with Spark 104 and this works for me. If you use “conference.jabber.org” you’'ll find the room - rightclick to “View Room Info”. The “Room Name” "test@conference.jabber.org" must match your “start_chat_muc=” value. Maybe "room@" would be right?

Do you have a DNS record for conference.xyz?


Fyi the shortcut I used (“xxxxxx.yyy” replaced with “org”):

“C:\Program Files\Spark104\Spark.exe” “username=test&password=test&server=jabber.org&start_chat_muc=test@conference.jab ber.org

Yes that’'s it.

Cheers for that!

Hello All,

Also, Spark 1.1 allows you to select which rooms you wish to “Join at startup”.