Foreign security principals


I have an openfire server which is connected to an Active Directory domain.

There is one ‘domain local’ group in ad in which there are two users from another domain (there is a trust relationship between two domains).

My problem is that openfire server don’t see the names of these users, but this:

cn=s-1-5-21-3299158875-2148489873-2472965963-1681,cn=foreignsecurityprincipals,d c=my,dc=domain,dc=com@openfireserver *

cn=s-1-5-21-3299158875-2148489873-2472964963-1682,cn=foreignsecurityprincipals,d c=my,dc=domain,dc=com@openfireserver *

  • Note: Remote users or entities should accept presence subscriptions automatically.

What should I do that I will not have to duplicate user accounts on the first domain?

anyone can help me?