Forgotten Spark IM Password

I need to login to Spark IM but forgot my password.

How can I reset my Spark password and login to Instant Messaging?


If you have access to the admin site for openfire you can change it there. If you do not remember that password you may be in for a bit more trouble.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the passwords.

I had the “save password” checked so it automatically logged me in and that got deleted and it doesn’t look like Spark has an option for retrieving passwords?

I also tried to create a new account and get the error “Account Could Not Be Created”

Do you know if it would help to uninstall then re-install Spark?

Thank You,


are you an admin of the openfire server? do you have access to the physical server, or the ear of somebody who does?

Sure enough - my IT helpdesk was able help - password is the same as network/PC login so needs to be updated when that changes.

I appreciate your help!


You are welcome. Don’t forget to award points