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Format messages in TranscriptWindow


We uses the Spark & WildFire for an internal chat/logging system. We have some requirements which we solve by own code.

One of our req. is to format the message shown in the TranscriptWindow. We NEED to change the way the date is shown (also convert to userdefined timeZone), also we will change the font/color of some special messages.

We have made 3-4 plugins already, but struggle to understand how to interact with the TrasncriptWindow. Perhaps a solution is to extend the TranscriptWindow to our own?

Any good idea will help!!


Per Kare Foss

I would recommend using the TranscriptWindowInterceptor. This allows you to use the

boolean isMessageIntercepted(TranscriptWindow window, String userid, Message message);

method and do the inserting of the messages yourself.




Thanks, I was able to format the messages the way our user needs. By overloading the suggested methods, I was able to handle onnline messages from the user itself, and other users in the ChatRoom.


When you open a ChatRoom, it loads a historyFile, and in messages is NOT the way we like.

My simple question is: How can I avoid loading this ChatRoomHistory when I open the ChatRoom…


Per Kare Foss

How were you able to register the TranscriptWindowInterceptor? I have been reading the javadoc http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/sparkplug_kit/docs/latest/api/index.html which indicates the TranscripWindow allows the registration of a TranscriptWindowInterceptor through the method void addTranscriptWindowInterceptor(TranscriptWindowInterceptor interceptor)

However this method appears to be depricated as it does not exist in the .jar files included with Spark 2.5.8. How can I register an Intercpeter to enable me to control the way messages are display in the TranscriptWindow?


I found the answer - ChatManager has addTranscriptWindowInterceptor as a method.

So now my question becomes - Where is the “latest” javadoc posted? The link from http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/sparkplug_kit/docs/latest/sparkplug_dev_gui de.html appears to be out of date.