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Formatting Roster dataProvider

This is probably more of a flash-related question, than a XIFF one, but I’‘m hoping someone’'s encountered this before.

I need to only display the nickname in the roster, and using the automatic dataProvider, it gets all the properties and everything. I’'ve been reading up on flash data binding, but still dont understand how to do this (preferably in actionscript and not through the component inspector).

If anyone has any insight into this, I would be really grateful.

Thank you

O, take the following example: if you have a DataGrid called buddyList, and the Roster instance called buddy, you should have this kind of thing:

buddyList.dataProvider = buddy;

And you wish to add this line (will display the displayName column and the show column)

buddyList.columnNames = [“displayName”,“show”];

For a best display, you can sort the results on the datagrid (not on the roster) with:


or use IconCellRenderer in order to replace typical words (online/offline) by a picture… but I let you discover this thing!

Thank you so much!