FormExtension and FormField API Changes

Made some tweaks to the API of FormExtension and FormField.

Please test these changes out with your apps and let me know of any issues.

I’m hoping to slowly go through and clean up all of the extensions and make sure they are complete.



setFields -> setFieldMap

getFormType -> get formType

getAllItems -> get items

getAllFields -> get fields

getReportedFields -> get reported


set reported

set fields

set items

Moved enumerated values out of FormExtension and into new enum classes FormFieldType and FormType.


constructor accepts values to quickly create a new instance

getAllValues -> get values

setAllValues -> set values

getAllOptions -> get options

setAllOptions -> set options


get desc

set desc

get required

set required

Added FormItem and FormReported classes for better typed deserialization of data forms.

FormExtension.TYPE_REQUEST -> FormType.FORM