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Forums Upgrade to 4.5.8? Tomorrow/Today?

Hey… I’m know I’m like some crazy ghost around here… sorry bout that.

I’m mostly prepped to do an upgrade to 4.5.8. I could be doing it now but I wanted to make sure everyone is good with it. There’s one question, too. has the custom LinkInterceptor been helpful? if yes, I’ll definitely include it in the upgrade. If not, I can leave it out… or leave it out and add it back later if we see it was being helpful.

Also, about upgrading to a current release… I’m fine with doing that, too. It’d be easier to support in some ways, harder in others… but overall, the way this community uses Jive, I don’t know how valuable it is. And it’s been mentioned before, it hasn’t added anything significant in the way of anti-spam.

Big question is time? I’d like to do this late tomorrow/Saturday evening Pacific time. If no complaints about the time or concerns about wanting Jive 6 instead, I’ll move ahead.

IMHO, timing is fine. Jive 6 - No , LinkInterceptor - better keep it, it probably hels intercepting some of the spam.

4.5.8 is fine for me, I hope that the LinkInterceptor does still work there.

I’ve seen Jive 6 and Jive 7cloud. The new UI is “different”, so the users who are used to the typcial forum layout are getting confused. A demo instance which allows to customize things would be great. There are some things which should be disabled to limit the functionality for normal users.

Thanks, this sounds good to me.


Ok. Turns out I’m not prepared to do any upgrade that includes the custom filter. I need to re-setup my Dev environment.

Ill work on prepping that tomorrow. Best case, we’ll upgrade tomorrow night.

Otherwise ill post back here.