Frappr map?

Is there any frappr map existing for the Jive comunity?

wouldn’'t that be good?


Cool idea, I’'ll pass it along.



Yeah, would be interesting to see the distribution of jive users all over the world

So, someone should create a Jive group and pass it on forums and Live Chat.

=) I’'m willing to ‘‘maintain’’ it so I created it. Enjoy!

I was just thinking to find that thread. While looking at Online users page i got curious about countries shares in registered users database. Map is ok. But it would be nice to have just some statistics like USA: 80%, Chine: 5% etc somethere on the page.

grin well petition the frappr people for a feature =D I’'m not aware of a way I could add that functionality myself. That would be cool though!

Making this thread virtual sticky so new and old forum users may have a look at and register there. Especially Asian, Australian and African users are missing right now, where are you?

Hey, who says Asian is not there? I could see a Kuala Lumpur guy representing the largest continent already