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Free to Chat status

I’ve integrated OpenFire with Asterisk, so to be able to connect from Asterisk to OpenFire using the Jabber Asterisk client and monitor the OpenFire status from Asterisk.

I use Spark as Chat client for OpenFire.

If I monitor the Spark user status on the Asterisk CLI, I notice the status is correct and it changes as soon as I change the status on the Spark client.

The issue occurs when I try to catch the status of a Chatty client.

If I expressly change the Spark status from Available to Free to Chat, using the above Picklist, everything is fine: the client status on the asterisk Jabber monitor changes accordingly from 1 (available) to 2 (chatty).

However if I do not use the picklist, and I start a Chat betweek two Spark clients, I’d expect the status would automatically move from Available to Free to Chat (or even unavailable or away): it does not happen. The Spark client appears to keep on Available.

I’ve tried using the last 2.6.3 Spark release and 3.7 or 3.7.1 OpeFire releases… Always the same behaviour.

Any suggestion? Ideas?

Why do you think it should move to Free to chat or anything else? Most of the statuses in my opinion are only for the manual use and for user to decide when to change them, except for the automatic away on idle (and back to available when the users comes back).

It would be a great feature!

If it would automatically move on Free to Chat, we would have the Jabber status moving to the Status=2 on Asterisk, so we could be aware he/she is chatting and use it for dialplan and call flow purposes.

Free to chat - doesn’t mean that user is chatting, it means he is free/available for a new chat. So i think you need a new status like “Chatting” or maybe use DND for this purpose. Well i think this can be added to Spark as an option “change status to xxx when chat window is opened” or something. But someone will have to submit a patch Another thought is how are you going to track is one chatting or not anymore. Some time span between last message packet send maybe.