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FreeBSD, OpenFire & Pipes

Hey all!

I am running FreeBSD 7.1 (x64) using diablo-jdk15 (tried diablo-jdk16, but that lead to timeouts on the admin console).

The problem is that OpenFire (current version from ports tree) is using up a LOT of pipes:

> [root] ~ # sysctl -a | grep pipe
> kern.ipc.pipekva: 20963328
> kern.ipc.maxpipekva: 20971520

After a while longer the system totally freezes and denies http requests, logins and all because there are no more pipes available.

If i stop openfire (nearly) all the pipes (except for a few hundred) get cleared up. Its definitly openfire.

The question is: Why, and how do I resolve this issue?

Any help is gladly appreciated!


Hi Chris,

this could also be an issue with the JDK you are using.Maybe it’s FreeBSD specific.


I switched to Sun JDK 15. For now it seems OK.