Freelance programmers for Sparkplug

Anyone know of where some freelance work for a customized plugin can be done. I’‘m looking for some simple stuff. I recently decided to give Wildfire an install (over EJabberd) and so far I’'m really glad I did =)

Jameswcox2001 on Yahoo IM

Hi James,

Glad to hear you’'re liking Wildfire.

I’'ve sent you an email regarding your request.



Hey Ryan,

Can you share that with me too? Thanx in advance.

Me too please.

Hi Colby,

I’'ve sent you a private message.



Just wanted to chime in to say that from what I’‘ve seen Ryan and Version2 do great work. We (Jive Software) of course also perform customizations of both Wildfire and Spark, although they’'re typically larger projects.



Looks like there might be more then enough help with this, but IF you need one more.

I’'d love to help out.