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Fresh install, cannot login to admin console

I am trying to get this setup but right after I go through the installation and initial setup I am unable to login to the admin console with the password I provided. For username I have tried admin, administrator, admin@example.com, and the email address I provided for the admin account, nothing seems to work. I even reinstalled a couple times and switched to a simpler password to make sure I am not making a stupid mistake.

I am using MSSQL 2000 with SP4, with the embedded usernames option.

It seems like it should be something simple, but it is driving me crazy, I have reinstalled about 5 times already, each time I make sure to delete the openfire folder and DB to be sure I am starting fresh.


did you miss the announcement?

Openfire 3.6.4 has a bug, which prevents user to login to Admin Console on the last step of the setup. You have to restart Openfire after the installation (stop and then start it again). Only then it will be possible to login to Admin Console. This bug should be fixed in 3.6.5 version.


Yeah I missed that, thanks!