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Fresh server & user registration frustration


since a couple of days im struggling to get users / clients online. this is my setup:

  • deb5

  • hostname: acerdebian

  • servername in openfire-webadmin: xyz.dyndns.org

  1. so i created 2 users after the install wiz ended. restarted the server

  2. added all the IP-information on one of the window-client machines on th elocal LAN in the hosts-file

  3. all pinging / dns resolving works

  4. users:

not sure what to enter in the client software, if someone could help me pls?

username: user1 (+ “@xyz…”)?

servername: xyz.dyndns.org?

  • do i need resourcename?

caould some one tell me what the correct values are to enter?


  • regitering via cient gives me 409 in pigdin & miranda

  • authorization always fails

i need help


Message was edited by: tom ps: ejabberd works, but not running at the same time.

solved - another restart helped…