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Friend Freezes Spark

I have 2 users that are have an odd issue. When either of them try to IM the other one Spark freezes and won’t do anything - I have to taskmgr it to end task it. They are both on the same version (Current - just updated today), they are both running the latest version of Java (Updated yesterday), and they both have the current version of .Net (Updated yesterday). Does anyone have any idea on why the two cannot communicate with one another? BTW I can communicate w/ both of them from other accounts, just not these two specific ones.

This usually happens when a history file with that person gets corrupted. You can go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user\username@servername\transcripts find history files for that contact (which makes your Spark freeze) and rename them to name_old@server and name_old@server_current. So Spark will generate new history files for this contact and the issue should be gone then.

Or this might be because of a very large history. Renaming the history file should help in that case too.


Awesome! That was it. Thank you very much