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From where is taken the memory?

from where is taken the memory for the execution of wildfire, of the ram memory or of the harddisk?

Hi Jorge,

may I direct you to the pages of sun.com? If you need more details and are confident that my post is confusing please look at the sun pages (;

Java uses physical memory, if you have 512MB the JVM will not start if you try to start it with Xmx512m (it will start, but this seems to be a JVM problem). It must use physical memory because the garbage collector may scan the whole memory, and scanning paged memory for dead objects would take much to long.

The JVM requires the Xmx size plus some memory for the native stuff like threads, …

Windows usually allocates more virtual memory than physical memory, I don’'t know why. If a java process was minimized or idle it may get paged out, Spark has such problems. Page-In takes long, especially if you have a 500 MB process.


thank´s a lot …:slight_smile: