Fully qualified domain name and JID

I am totally, totally confused as to what my users JID should be. I have gone through a few threads already about : FQDN, JID, XMPP.domain…on this site and I am even getting more confused. Please bear with me. My problem started with my roster not changing status:always offline even if on the other ends my buddies are online. This is a new installation of openfire. Here is my situation:

  • My domain name (public) is : domain.net

  • My web server is : domain

  • My Host name is : domain

  • My server name is : domain

  • My xmpp.domain is : domain.net

  1. What should my JID be in this case? I actually would prefer: "user@domain.net".Possible?

  2. Do I have to change names? Off course, I cannot change my web server name and my public domain name. I can change my hostname and my server name.

Please help.

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