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Function to show chat on spark and capture chat

hi, are there any functions to show our chat, maybe we just want to show it from range of date maybe from 18 August 2014 till 23 August 2014. Consequently,the spark doesn’t show chat from <18 August 2014 and >= 24 August 2014

another function is,on the top of spark chat menu,we can see that there is function to capture,the name is “capture and see anything on your screen” we can use that function but it is only to capture anything on our desktop,now i just use greenshot to crop our chat manually. maybe we may provide function to crop like 2014-08-29 15_18_43-Jenny.png

If you want to share a chat history, you can just copy and send it.

Screenshot feature was designed to capture a screen outside the Spark itself, so it won’t stay in the way you want to show someone. E.g. some program is showing an error and you chat with your support and want to show the error, then Spark window would be in your way, so it is automatically hidden.

one more question wroot,

does spark has function to delete chat automatically each day?

if we check list disable chat history and close the menu of user chat,the chat will be gone

There is no such option. Either disable the history completely or run some script to delete it on logout or shutdown.

wroot, how can we do the 2nd option “run some script to delete it on logout or shutdown” , it means user should delete chat manually?

I meant, that you can have a bat/cmd script which deletes files in the transcripts folder an put that script into user’s Startup folder so it would delete history as he logins (almost the same as deleting on logout). Or you can put that script into Logout/Shutdown section of GPO via AD. But this is not related to Spark so i won’t give you detailed instructions. You can find them on the web.