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Functionality of A-IM?

They say there is no such thing as a stupid question…I’'m here to test that.

I can’'t seem to find anywhere in any documentation so I have to ask:

Is the Asterisk-IM plugin + Spark combination meant to simply be an extension of presence notification, or a full-on voice communication implementation? By this I mean, does the Spark client actually make calls (thru Asterisk) when combined with A-IM or does it only change presence info when the user(s) place calls?

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Spark can make calls (call the number) but it has no audio functions. You should already have IP hard- or soft-phones deployed and want to use an IM system which is easy to integrate with your running Asterisk server.

If you are looking for IM (xmpp based) with integrated audio / video support (H.323 based) and without PBX interconnection “neos” may be the client you want to use while the GTalk client offers “only” audio support.


Thanks for the info. In case anyone didn’'t see, the Gizmo Project softphone can now logon to an Asterisk server.