Future plans for the IR.org facilities

As the migration process is along its way (should be completed by June 15th) Finding a new home for the community , we can start planning other things, that can be completed once we are set and running in the new place. A few things mentioned in the forums and the open chat:

  • Create a special directory for Maven snapshots to be written automatically by Bamboo (brought up by @Flow )
  • Migrate forums to some other solution (preferably with a good anti-spam solution, syntax highlighting, visual sub-forums structure, wiki documents, moderation queue)
  • Add more…
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I’d stick with Jive. It’s up2date, we have no maintenance costs and it has streams. Streams help me a lot to track the relevant content.
What’s missing that you consider looking at another product?

Aside from some quirks with formatting, moving stuff around and sometimes performance it satisfies me too. I remember some of the community members expressing their dissatisfaction. But the main reason could be not being dependant on Jive which can end this promotion any moment also. So we won’t have to migrate in a rush.

It seems that Flow and Daryl started working on Maven repo for Smack.

As about the forums though i would like to change them if only for the sluggishness of them. Annoys me as hell that i have to wait a few seconds for it to load every time you navigate forums. Especially on mobile. You can press on links all you want, but it loads something on the background and nothing works…

One can see this when opening a thread with an answer. The thread loads, you can scroll. But after a few seconds it actually loads the decorations and info about the correct answer.

Oh, and the stupid useless widget it shows instead of content in portrait mode on mobile.

Especially on mobile.
Yep, forums are totally unusable on mobile and tablet. Just one of the many annoyances with them and why I want to switch to discourse ASAP. I really want to help people when I’m travelling, but I can’t because I can even read the forums on mobile, leave alone writing a reply.

Discourse would also provide a Mailing List interface for the forums, i.e. the forums can be used just like a Mailing List.

Flow, what tablet (OS) and browser do you use? I’m able to browse and reply on Android - Chrome mobile, but as i have mentioned it annoys that you have to pause and wait on every step. Sometimes it starts to misbehave with the editor (though not so bad as JIRA does with desktop version on mobile… and i don’t want to use cramped mobile version on 7’’ display). Of course, portrait mode is useless.

Besides the long load and render times mobile is fine for me.

Do you use the Jive app?

Do you use the Jive app?