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Future plans: Let's conquer the World ;-)


I’ve just updated the Spark and Openfire svn trunks, and see that SIP plugin has become Open Source. That’s the GREAT news.

IMHO, you are able to open these popular things (SIP calls, Jingle calls between users, Video calls), check them, impove Spark stability and integration and you will easly beat the Skype It has nothing except stable and functional user-side client.

We are the VoIP Wholesale provider and planning to developer such service with your software. Of course, we will contact you if we decide this.

So, what are your future plans about Openfire and Spark?

Thank you for your great work!

P.S. I’m dreaming about the time when all the organizations will have their own XMPP and SIP servers (like mail servers they have) and we won’t have to use stupid, closed protocols to communicate each other. Just use ‘user@domain.net’ for mail, IM and calls. We can do this right now, but people don’t understand and don’t want