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GAIM and TLS/SSL support

Does someone have a working configuration of both GAIM and Jive Messenger that will help me get secure connections working?

I am using GAIM v1.0.1 for Win32 with Jive Messenger v1.1 on RedHat/Linux.

I have Jive configured to listen for SSL on port 443 and for plain connections on port 80. Plain connections to Port 80 from Gaim work just fine.

However, if I change the port to 443 and check the ‘‘Force Old SSL’’, the connection fails with GAIM error: SSL Handshake Failed.

If I leave the ‘‘Force Old SSL’’ unchecked but leave the port as 443, I get: Read Error.

I am assuming that the SSL listener would be capable of negotiating both TLS and SSL connections. Or are TLS connections only supported on the socket?

My network configuration is as follows:









I am using a keytool-generated certificate with alias ‘‘im.buberel.org’’.


Well, it sure looks like Exodus is a much better client. It appears to work quite well with Jive’'s SSL support.

I have managed to get it working over HTTP proxy to a Jive server listening on port 443 using SSL. Very nice.

Still not sure why Gaim was having such problems. Hmm…