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Gaim authorization problem

I’‘m having a problem sending messages with Gaim. I’'m running Jive Messenger 2.2.0 on Red Hat E3. I sign in on a gaim windows client and a gaim linux client on another machine. I cannot IM the other user because it says that the user is not authorized. I can send messages from the web interface to the clients fine. I included a section of the gaim debug log below. Let me know if anyone has any possible solutions.

server: allowing NOP

jabber: Recv (338):

Hey mikeb75,

Could you post the message packets you see in the debug window together with the error that you see? BTW, one thing to notice from the XML that you posted is that the hostname of your server seems to be kilby.cutco.com so the users accounts should be of the form user@kilby.cutco.com. Therefore, if you want to add the admin account to mbysiek’'s roster then make sure to use admin@kilby.cutco.com. Unless you have another server whose hostname is and you are testing s2s communication.


– Gato

This will by yet another bug in the Jabber code of Gaim: I have the same problem here with ejabberd.

Please use a Jabber-only client: as Jabber is the only protocol they support it will be very, very, very rare if they de releases with important bugs in it.

Good clients:

I have the same Problem, Gaim authorization problem ?

is there a work around for this or a patch ?

I can send from server to clients, fine, not from client to client,

authorization show off line in the client windows server show online

Thanks Danny

I belive I had the same problem and was able to send IM’'s client to client after I added the users fully quilified name in the screen name space of the buddies list.

I remove all buddies and then readded them with the below change

In the screen name blank instead of using just ken - I changed it to ken@yourserverhere/gaim

I could then send and recieve IM’'s from all clients I set up.

I am using Jive 2_2_0 and Gaim 1.5 of RHEL 3 U5 this is a new install on an intranet.