Gaim Issues: Password Protected Rooms and Adding Buddys

This is a two part post:

Part 1:

I have setup a chat room from the Wildfire admin console and set a password for access. I can connect to the chat room with the Spark client and get prompted for a password. When I connect using Gaim v1.5.1cvs I do not get prompted for a password and thus, cannot join the room.

Part 2:

It seems as though in order to add a Buddy in Gaim, you have to tack on the Resource at the end of the screen name for the user you wish to add, if they are running Gaim as well.

For example:

User-B is a Gaim client. If User-A adds a buddy called, User-B never shows up as Authorized. BUT, if User-A adds a buddy called, it works just fine.

Any way to fix either of these to issues???



On Part 2 the same applies to GAIM 2.0b3. I also end up with duplicate entries due to the dialogs related to giving authorization to communicate and add the other user to the buddy list. It should only happen once when prompted to add the user to the buddy list. It isn’‘t pretty but I think that’'s a GAIM issue. I also noticed that if the User A enters an alias for their ID it is not transmitted to the User B when entered added to the buddy list. User B still has to add the alias name manually.

I haven’'t tried part 1 yet to see if it happens to me with 2.0b3.


I installed Gaim 2.0.0 Beta 3 to do some more testing. The password protected conference rooms are still busticated when accessing from Gaim. I never get prompted for a password in Gaim when trying to join a room so it fails with an auth error.

Looks like for real world usage, you’‘d have to use the Spark client??? I also plan on testing this with Kopete, but if Gaim is busted then I really can’'t see Wildfire making it at my company since we have so many Gaim users.

Would love to hear any thoughts on this, especially if someone can point out fixes.



Gaim has a password entry on the “Join a Chat” screen in 1.5 release. Is it still there in the CVS?

I’'m not sure about adding a buddy by ID without resource. It may be something to look into.

Hey Clay,

I would highly recommend contacting Gaim developers and let them know that Gaim is not asking for a password when trying to join a password protected room. This is a client issue and not a server issue. Clients may either send a disco#info to the room to learn the room configuration and act accordingly or just try to join and if a not-authorized is returned then just ask for a password.


– Gato

Ok so here’'s what I see in Gaim 2.0.0 beta 3:

I can connect to the wildfire server using Jabber protocol. Then I select Tools / Room List and click the “Get List” button in the Room List dialog in Gaim. I get prompted for the conference server which is already correct and I click the “Find Rooms” button. My room shows up. Now I have two options.

Option 1: I can click the name of the room in the list and click the “Join” button. This results in an error that states:

Error joining chat

401: Not Authorized

Option 2: Instead of clicking the “Join” button, I click the “Add Chat” button and get prompted to enter the following information:

  • Account

  • Room

  • Server

  • Handle

  • Password

  • Alias

  • Group (Gaim)

I complete all of that and the room shows up in my buddy list but I can’'t do anything with it. I can double-click the room, or right-click the room and choose “join” from the menu but I never see the room.