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Gajim MAM Compatibility

Today I reported an issue on Gajim’s GitLab site about Gajim throwing errors when connecting to an Openfire server. The developer believes that the problem is caused by the Openfire MAM module. I found that my issue report was a duplicate of one from Wroot, so someone at ignite already knows about the issue, but I didn’t find anything in the Openfire issue tracker that seems to be related.

This post is mostly a heads up to others having the problem.

Gajim GitLab reports.


In Openfire Monitoring plugin is responsible for MAM. Recently all plugins have been moved to separate GitHub repositories and bugs are tracked with GitHub Issues for every plugin. I think this one is the closest (but possible not complete) to this issue https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-monitoring-plugin/issues/27
It is marked as fixed and this change is in the snapshot version of plugin (not released yet). But once it was installed there were other issues with history that also have to be fixed before releasing new version.

Thanks for the pointers. I wasn’t aware that the plugins had a separate repository. I installed the 1/23/19 snapshot into Openfire 4.3.1. Gajim no longer complains, and MAM is working. I have not yet noticed any ill effects from the snapshot.

Gajim is probably alright, but mobile client Conversations is acting weird with that snapshot.