Galene Openfire Plugin release 0.0.3

The Ignite Realtime Community is pleased to announce the first release of Galene plugin for Openfire

Galene is technically an audio/video SFU like Jitsi, however it handles a different use case from Jitsi. While Jitsi does audio/video conferencing very well with bi-directional media streams for an equal number of speakers and listeners, Galene does webinars and lectures much better with single uni-drectional streams for very few speakers and a larger number of listeners.

This plugin hosts a Galene server and also implements an XEP for in-band SFU sessions that I am currently working on. This XEP is used by the Pàdé client and the Galene ConverseJS community plugin. for supporting audio/video in webinars and lectures.

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