GATE-380 issue

I’m having the same problem reported here…

Now, I’m new here (using openfire about a year) and recently I’ve installed the MSN gateway.

The XMPP bot works great with the jabber accounts, but has issues with that same problem reported above. The auth doesn’t reach the MSN client.

This issue is 3 months old. Is there a fix for it ? Can I get a “nightly build” for it ? Because, as it is right now, it’s not functional at all as nobody can add the bot (except the jabber accounts).


The IM Gateway plugin is mostly done in my free time, of which I’ve had little of lately. All I can tell you is I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m all for patches if anyone wants to submit me a fix for this!

Can you recommend any reference that i can use to try to come up with a patch?