Gateway api

Recently, I’m developing a plugin for openfire. I need retrieve the username and nicname of a Registration.

But I find Registration and RegistrationManager are in gateway plugin instead of openfire.

I tried to add the gateway to classpath, I can compile even runs well in Netbeans

But when I deploy it, and runs without netbeans, my plugin dosen’t work

So is there a way that I can use Registration and RegistrationManager

BTW, can gateway provide more apis, such as listing registrations

The gateway plugin is not meant to be an API at this time.

That said, all plugins run in their own class loaders and can not easily speak to each other/make use of each other’s APIs.

You would probably need to modify the gateway plugin itself if you wanted to use it’s API.


I konw that gateway provides xml-rpc, and I succeeded in call Manager#getActiveTransports(String password), which sounds perfect.

If the rpc has more methods that allow other developers to call, I think it is much better. Fore example, getRegistrations(String password, String username, String transportType>

Ah! Well if you are interested in writing more functions for the API, by all means! I’m all for patches! =)

The api that I want most is listing the registration(s) of the specified username and specified transport type.

In detail, the registration here means username and nickname(displayName)