Gateway Client setup (Gaim or ymessenger)


I am new to OpenFire. I have the server working and can have pidgin/Gaim users connect using the jabber protocol just fine.

I was also able to use Spark to connect wih thte gateway plugins.

The question is:

How do I configure a Gaim or ymessenger client to use the gateway plugins if the users do not want to change client software?

I have been playing with Gaim with no success.

Also, one of our users is getting a “Not Authorized” sort of message. His is a new version of Gaim than I am using.

So far google and forum searches have not answered these questions.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


OK, I think I have Gaim figured out. It has to be a Jabber client as I suspected. So ymessenger users will have to change software.

For those who need help:



SCREEN NAME: (put your jabber/OpenFire screen name here)


RESOURCE: (your yahoo! IM screen name goes here)

PASSWORD: openfire_password

ALIAS: Your Alias

Why are you adding such complexity to the GAIM (I refuse to say the new name)? Gaim native supports AIM, Yahoo, MSN and many more.

I’‘m confused as to what you are asking for here. However let me try to follow… you registered XMPP user X. X logged in via Spark and registered with the Yahoo transport. All went well there. X then logs out of Spark and logs in via Gaim. Yahoo isn’'t working at this point?

If that is the case I can tell you that Spark is “weird” and it registers you with the transports in a special way. I would recommend registering using a client that is more standard (Psi?) first -or- just use the web admin interface for the gateway plugin and register X to it’'s Yahoo account there. That will set up the XMPP account in a more standard way with the registrations and that will work just fine with Gaim.

Of course, with Gaim you barely need transports. ;D However I like to have all of my accounts in one place so I don’‘t use Gaim/Pidgin’'s own support in general. =) (in other words I only connect to my XMPP accounts)

Yea, thats what I discovered. My Gaim apparently went flaky on me or I would not have done it the hard way. After I rebooted this morning Gaim connected and I had multiples of every buddy in my buddy list. All I had to do was disable the extra connections and everything was happy.

However, My Yahoo! buddys do not all show on-line. When I connect directly to Yahoo they do. Whats with that?

I think I saw a couple threads related to that so I will be reading them next.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion. As I said I am new to jabber.


What I was saying before is if you registered with the Yahoo transport using Spark, it’‘s not going to work with Gaim. If you register using the admin console or Psi or some other client that supports gateways, it should work fine with Gaim. Spark doesn’‘t register in a way that’'s compatible with other clients.