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Gateways: How to?

Sorry 4 so many questions but the program is not incredibly user friendly…

How do i add my MSN Messenger/AIM/Yahoo IM gateways to Spark?

In the screenshots i see icons that i dont have when i run the program, so how do i add these gateways or add other types of contacts other than Jabber?

you will only see those if you have the gateway plugin installed on the server. Are you running an OpenFire server that you are connecting your Spark client to? If you aren’t running\admin’ing the server you will need to talk to whoever is to see if they’ll add that plugin

yeah i am admin; i’ve added the plugin but i need to know how to register myself as a user so that my spark will show the MSN gateway

i’m on the admin setup page, but i cant register a user.


what version of Spark are you using? You need 2.5.6 or higher (I think) to see the icons for connecting if you have the gateway up (did you check and test the MSN gateway through the OpenFire web admin interface). If you have an older version of Spark you can only register through the web admin interface (or use PSI or Pandion). To do it through the web interface just go to the “Gateway->Registrations” link at left and then add yourself by connecting your MSN account to your Openfire account.

can you provide more information regarding your openfire config.

  1. What OS is the server running on

  2. Are you using LDAP (what server is the LDAP such as AD)

  3. How do you have your registrations page configured if you are not using LDAP

If you are not using LDAP new accounts can be added to the server via the client by clicking the Accounts button (Screenshot10.gif). Clicking that button brings up the registration dialog (Screenshot11.gif).

You can also manually add users from the openfire admin page. click the Users/Groups tab to get the user management screen.

> i am not running an LDAP server,

> i need to find out my fully qualified server name,

> i am trying to run spark ON the same system as the server (Win XP)

also, with adding users, i am not sure what username to input, considering that it doesn’t accept full JID addresses with ‘@’ in them…

If this becomes too much of a hassle, i have just one question then… Psi or Pandion?

I have got it to work in pandion, but i feel the spark user interface is better.

Which program is better?

can you not upgrade to a newer version of Spark then (2.5.7 or 2.5.8beta)? When you mention it not accepting the full JID, where are you trying to input it? In Spark you are just entering your MSN username and password. If you do it through the Web Admin tool you need to add your JID to connect to your MSN username but it should take it just fine then.

You can find the Servers FQDN in the Openfire admin web page (see image below). as for usernames they can be anything (johndoe, mtstravel, mrchat).

ok its fine, thank you guys for the help.

i logged into pandion and added an MSN transport @geeklife.ru or sumthin like that…

When i open spark, all my msn contatcs are there

HOWERVER, i can’t change my nickname…

when i change my profile Nickname, it doesn’t change for my msn contacts… any know why?