Generate blowfish password

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I have tried for days to generate encrypted password using php, but, I can’'t generate blowfish password for wildfire. Is there any script or link where I can get the solution? Thanks before.

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I´m having the same problem.

I´m trying to integrate it with a mysql users db and because passwords are md5 ecrypted with php I can´t log in any user.

If I use plain passwords it works… Isn´t md5 hashes supposed to be the same in each language ?

How to do that in php or other languages ? This algoritm is asked a lot in these forums without any answer.


I think that md5 engine and hashs generated with wildfire are not standart or have a bug.

For instance in this page[url] you can crack md5 hash.

If I try this 81dc9bdb52d04dc20036dbd8313ed055 generated in php it reads correctly ‘‘1234’’,

This is ‘‘1234’’ generated with wildfire and copied from table jiveuser… cec77917588f64ad5274e2e0c02c28d26d59258c722877aa

It´s different and that site can´t even decode it.


Please take a look at JM-291 for all about passwords and related thread links.

Hi jcorreia,

Wildfire does not store an md5-password in JIVEUSER so this will of course fail.


Hi Yusuf,

take a look at StringUtils which is used by Wildfire to compute the hash.


Thanks, it now works. The problem should have been in the property ‘‘passwordKey’’. I´ve set it blank and now it works. This should be documented somewhere…