Georgian Language Support

Dear Spark Creators

I want to use Spark in my native language (It is Georgian) but unfrtunately I’ve noticed that spark doesn’t support Georgian letters (even if text is in Georgian Unicode). If you don’t mind please add Georgian language support for sparks’ next version.

Best Regards

Mikheil Bachakashvili

Dear Support,

Totally agree with Mikheil, most of our users don’t know English and use Georgian (unicode system language in windows 7 or 8). Please advise, if there is something to be enabled? as all characters are displayed as: strange square symbols

How ever i have tried a Pidgin client and it works fine, so this is not a server side issue, this is guaranteed Client Unicode support


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New version has a unicode support

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Then i suggest to use the most recent build ll4j/spark_2_7_0_668.exe

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