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Get openfire admins using AD

I’m trying to know if there is a way to get the admins of openfire when used with an Active Directory.

When you don’t use AD, you get it in the user’s database, but using AD, users aren’t in the openfire database so …


What do you mean with “get the admins” ?

Do you want to contact them or enable AD Users with admin rights?

Best regards.

To be quick :

I’m coding a software in c#, with 2 interfaces, one for “basic” users and another for admins.

So when an user is logging in, I want to know wich interface need to be displayed. So, I need to know if this user is admin or not.

I hope that my request is clear ^^

By the way, if anyone know how to add admins when openfire works with LDAP, it will be great too !

Server Manager --> System Properties --> Edit this: admin.authorizedJIDs

Type in the IDs in form @

Best regards.