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Get sasl authentication error at the time of login in smack

Hello everybody,

I m new to smack & Xmpp. i make one chat application for xmpp server,

In my application it successfully connect to the server but at the time of login it gives error that is “no response from the server”

following is the error which i got at run time

Exception in thread “main” No response from the server.:
at org.jivesoftware.smack.SASLAuthentication.bindResourceAndEstablishSession(SASLA uthentication.java:430)
at org.jivesoftware.smack.SASLAuthentication.authenticate(SASLAuthentication.java: 331)
at XmppServConnection.login(XmppServConnection.java:28)
at XmppServConnection.main(XmppServConnection.java:78)

plz help me, its very urgent, i really nead your help.

Thank you in advance.
XmppServConnection.java.zip (1316 Bytes)