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Get user avatar, not from roster!


I’m using XIFF for an air app that has a mash up of social networking sites (Facebook, twitter, aim, yahoo, google, gadugadu, icq).
And I’m trying to retrieve avatar image of the user for each social networkign sites he/she has logged into through my app.

I can load the user’s buddy (RosterItem)'s vCard and it contains the imageBytes for the avatar pictures, but I just don’t know how to get the profile picture of the user himself.

It seems weird not being able to get your own picture but your friends’ picture.

Am I missing something obvious?

I tried making VCard with my user’s JID, but and it manages to create a vCard, but it can’t find the data and xml tells me 404 not found

since the user himself is not in the contact list (buddyList).

I understand this and it makes sense. But then how do I get the profile picture of the user himself?

Please help,

Thank you very much,


You can now retrieve your own vCard.