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Get user groups that are empty

How can I get user groups that are empty (as in Exodus).

Currently, when I retrieve my roster, it only has groups with users. Is Exodus using a back door to get this information?


The way that groups are created is that they are an extension of the roster entry, basicly each roster entry is indicated to be member’'s of certain groups. So, essentially, there is no way for a group to exist without being attached to a roster entry.

What I think is the reason exodus displays groups without users is only after you have removed the last user and have not yet closed the client or you have created a group with not users, and you’'ll notice if you close the client these groups will dissapear.

There is no way in jabber to represent an empty group in the roster. Since though, exodus and the way its setup in smack, there is a way for there to be empty groups, you can represent things in the GUI however you choose, you’'ll just need to find a way outside jabber:iq:roster if you want to represent empty groups through sessions.

Whats strange is that if I create an empty group (which doesnt display in the roster), and then I do the same thing again with the same group name, Jive Messenger throws an exception:

Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Group with name New Group alread exists.

So it seems as though the group does in fact exist. My theory is that the Jive server filters out groups with no users.


I was just noticing I still had this open question, and figured someone may have an answer now, as Spark optionaly shows empty groups.

Anyone know how Spark does this?



Can you post a packet trace from smack and also that complete exception. There are two specific things I am looking for with the packet trace, your original roster from the server and the packets you sent and recieved to add the group. If you can post those it might help to get to the bottom of things.